Climbing Little Switzerland Alaska Range

Little Switzerland

some of the best rock climbing in the Alaska Range

Pika Glacier and Little Switzerland

Per Person $660

Little Switzerland, 35 Miles south of Denali, was named by Holly's dad, glacier pilot Don Sheldon, because of its likeness to the Swiss Alps. The main glacier there is the Pika Glacier which flows into the greater Kahiltna Glacier. An excellent place to rock climb, ski, and mixed climb from late April into late May.

The main landing area is at 5600' above sea level. Typically climbers set up base camp 100 to 200 yards from the landing strip. Most of the peak approaches begin with a 10-30 minute hike. They include the Trolls, the Throne, Royal Tower, Crown Jewel, Dragon's Spine and Italy's Boot.

Several passes surround the area so multiple fun day trips from base camp can be accomplished. Little Switzerland is a great alternative to the bigger peaks in the Range, or a great place to chill after a big climb. A walk in or a walk out for the adventuresome is a possibility. Allow 3-4 days for the trip.