Denali Mountain Climbing Info

Info for Climbers

A quick resource for climbing in the Alaska Range


is by van shuttle that will often stop at a grocery store on the way to Talkeetna, if requested.

Denali Overland
(800) 651-5221

Go Purple Shuttle
(866) 813-5589

Planet Earth Adventures Shuttle
(907) 717-9666

GEAR STORAGE is available at the Sheldon Air Service hangar. Label you gear with your name and mailing address. We also have a safe on location to lock up your valuables, while you are on your climb.

GEAR WEIGHT 125 pounds per person is allowed. $1.00 per pound will be charged for additional weight.

COLEMAN FUEL (white gas) costs $16.00 per gallon. You can purchase white gas when you organize your gear at the hanger. The usual recommendation is 1½ pint per person per day, about 1 gallon per person for 21 days.

ISOBUTENE CARTRIDGES can be flown in with prior notification to Sheldon Air Service.

SLEDS (measuring 48" long x 18" wide and 4" deep) are available at our hangar free of charge, please bring your own rigging. If you and your rigging are separated by the time you reach Talkeetna, the Alaska Mountaineering School Mountain Shop (AMS) has rigging for sale.

FAMILY BAND RADIOS (FRS) operate along the West Buttress Route. The Base Camp Manager monitors FRS and issues weather reports via FRS each evening around 8:oo p.m. The NPS currently has a FRS radio at both the 7,200-foot camp and the 14,200-foot camp and monitors throughout the day. The Base Camp Manager uses the NPS radio to transmit the weather forecast from Base Camp. The FRS radios are popular on Denali because of the reduced weight and efficient use of batteries. There is no FRS coverage on the North side of Denali.

CELL PHONE reception is intermittent throughout the Alaska Range. Do not rely on your cell phone as an emergency method of communication.

IRIDIUM SATELLITE PHONES have the best coverage in high altitudes and are available for pick-up in Anchorage. We recommend contacting Gregory, Alaska Satellite Phone Consultant. He's available at or 1-619-922-1777 (available 7 days/week). He specializes in renting lightweight satellite phone kits with voice & data capability. Solar Panels are also available for rent.

Ask Greg about his light- weight elite expedition kit and new data package with email and weather capability for the netbook. Climbers have had good luck with his set-up the past few seasons.