Jok Bondurant - Pilot

Jok Bondurant has 20 years of Glacier Flying experience.

Jok Bondurant grew up in Arizona in Navajo country and took his first airplane ride in a Beechcraft Bonanza at age 5. He was terrified of the airplane noise but has since come to enjoy it. He came to Alaska at age 19, fishing for one summer out of Ketchikan and then moving to the interior to live the Alaskan lifestyle in Cantwell, near McKinley (now Denali) Park.

His interest in technological pursuits led to a happy life as a jack-of-all-trades which included re-wiring a complex surplus diesel generator system and its associated panel to serve as the town's power supply. As a wrecker driver for several years, he experienced all that Alaska weather has to offer.

Jok began flight training in 1987 in Anchorage, Alaska with aspirations to see the rest of State that was not accessible by the road system. After receiving his instrument rating and commercial certificate, he flew extensively to the corners of Alaska and held flying jobs in Bethel and the North Slope, flying Cessna aircraft.

Jok also volunteered as a pilot for the Civil Air Patrol for 8 years out of Anchorage. In 1999, he applied to the air services in Talkeetna for a glacier pilot flying position. Doug Geeting Aviation hired Jok soon after, and he remained employed there for five years, piloting flightseeing trips throughout the Alaska Range.

In 2004, Jok secured a piloting position with Hudson Air Service where he flew until Sheldon Air Service purchased Hudson Air on May 29, 2010. Sheldon Air Service is proud to have Jok Bondurant in the Chief pilot position for the company.

In addition to flying, Jok's interests are mainly in technical areas such as computers and astronomy. He has served on the Community Council in Talkeetna for many years, and has taught computer classes for the Community Schools program in Talkeetna.


Jok and the Mountain

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